The Work Environment

One of my authors, Rich Samuels, is writing one blog a day as part of a personal challenge. One of his recent entries was about his writing environment, and it got me thinking about my editing environment.

In short, I’ve discovered that I can write just about anywhere (coffeehouses, restaurants, busy living rooms), but to edit I need to be seated at a desk. This gets tricky because I like to stand at least half the time during my workday (better for the back, hips, and body in general), but my editorial brain just does not function if I’m not sitting down. I don’t know if this is a holdover from years of actually working at a proper copy desk or just that standing diverts too much blood flow from my brain.

I need to be at a computer, preferably a laptop I can pack up and haul around at a moment’s notice. I’ve tried working on tablets with Bluetooth keyboards, and while I quite like them for writing, I find I can’t move quickly around a document with them.

My desk is good-sized, though right now my laptop is competing for space with my monitor and stand, two big speakers, insurance information, seven grammar books (yikes), and the five figurines from South Park: The Stick of Truth. A girl’s gotta have something to make her chuckle.

Happy New Year!

I made a vague resolution to at least get the site up and running by 2014, and here it is. There’s still a lot of construction to do, but it’s nothing a few cups of coffee can’t handle.